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Rail India Conference 2023: Pioneering the transformation of India's railway landscape

23 Oct 2023

Messe Frankfurt Trade Fairs India is set to present the 7th edition of Rail India Conference and Expo on 27th October 2023 at Shangri-La Eros, New Delhi. The highly anticipated conference is a premier event focused on propelling India's railway sector into a new era of efficiency, sustainability and innovation. This conference will congregate more than 15 speakers from India’s leading companies and associations.

Rail India Conference, a pivotal event in the railway industry, is set to illuminate the path toward a transformative railway landscape in India. The conference will bring together industry leaders, policymakers, innovators, and stakeholders to chart a course towards a modernised and sustainable rail network.

The conference aims to bring together thought leaders, executives and stakeholders to discuss critical challenges, explore transformative technologies and outline strategies that will shape the future of rail transportation in India. With a line-up of insightful speakers, informative panel discussions, engaging workshops, and exhibits, conference cum expo will offer unparalleled opportunities for networking and learning.

The focus of this year’s conference will revolve around the theme of ‘Next Gen Railways: Smart | Safe | Sustainable’ and touch topics around Smart Modernisation, Enhanced Safety and Sustainability Model of Indian Railways.

Panel discussions at the conference:

●        National Rail Plan by 2030: Aiming to Create a Future-Ready System

●        Futuristic Outlook:- Enhanced Production Capacity of Locomotives to Fulfil the Demand
 National Rail Plan Vision 2030: Policy Design and Implementation

●        Safe Railways:- Advanced and uncompromising railway safety
Perspective from Private Sector on its sustained role in:

-          Operations and ownership of rolling stock

-          Manufacturing & Production of Locomotives

-          Development of freight terminals

●        Opportunities in Railway Construction: Development/operations of track infrastructure/ Bridge work & doubling

●        Dedicated Freight Corridors: Key Developments

●        Opportunities In Metro Rail: Collaboration with the Private Sector to enhance the Revenue
Voice from the Metro Officials: The latest innovations, steps, initiatives, and future plans of Metro Rail in your city

●        Amrit Bharat Station Scheme: Vision & Opportunities, Parameters of Re-Developed Railway stations & expected timelines.

●        Mission Net Zero to become "Largest Greener Railways"
An Overview on:

- Production of electric locomotives to meet the objective of 100% Electrification (Green Energy)
- Update on Solar Power Plant installations

-          Smart Solutions for Sustainability
Hydrogen-powered trains

●        Regional Rapid Transit System: A Green Mode of Transport, Contributing towards a Green future

●        Bullet Train (HSR):
- Project Update, Safety features and Revenue Opportunities

-          Technological advances in Signalling and Telecommunications to improve safety
Transforming the Rail sector with AI & IOT Technologies

-          Rising business Opportunities in Vande Bharat Trains

●        Upcoming Gati Shakti Cargo Terminals: How private sector will play a key role in providing world-class facilities

Smt Darshana Jardosh, Minister of State for Railways and Textiles, Government of India, stated: “Indian railways are the lifeline of the economy. The government is investing massively in the modernisation of railway infrastructure to augment capacity and provide better and safer services and provide better and safer services to passengers. I am hopeful that the conference cum expo will provide an excellent platform for railways personnel, PSUs and the participants form zonal railways, production units, the members of rail sector and investment agencies to have meaningful discussions and deliberations that shall prove useful for the railways in the coming years by expediting modernisation of the system and increasing investment.” 

"We're excited to host the 7th edition of Rail India Conference 2023 which has over the years evolved as a prominent platform with discussions that help to address challenges and present ideas to progress in tandem with the Indian government’s vision for India. This platform brings together rail visionaries to ideate, collaborate and drive the Indian rail sector towards a sustainable and tech-driven future," said Mr Raj Manek, Executive Director and Board Member, Messe Frankfurt Asia Holdings Ltd. “This conference will foster dialogue, innovation and partnerships that will be crucial in shaping the trajectory of rail transportation in India”, he added.

India's railway system plays a fundamental role in the national economic growth and connectivity. With the goal of enhancing efficiency, sustainability and technological advancement within the railway sector, the Rail India Conference will provide a platform for open dialogue and collaboration.

Rail India Conference 2023 is anticipated to be a pool of new ideas, knowledge and connections that bear the potential to drive positive change, shape the future of India's railway landscape and advance the transformative journey towards a connected, efficient and sustainable railway ecosystem for the nation.

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