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Responsibility & Commitment

Messe Frankfurt against copying

Protection against brand and product piracy

In 2006, Messe Frankfurt became the first trade fair organiser worldwide to launch an initiative against brand and product piracy: “Messe Frankfurt against Copying”. This initiative aims to ensure that exhibitors and visitors are fully informed about the registration and assertion of intellectual property rights. That is why it offers an information stand at all of Messe Frankfurt’s own events, both within Germany and abroad. Here, experts from our partners are on hand to answer questions pertaining to the topic of intellectual property rights and advise exhibitors on what to do in the event of infringements.

Messe Frankfurt works in close cooperation with official bodies and private organisations in the field of protection of intellectual property rights for all activities associated with its initiative.

You will find a compact overview of everything you need to know in our brochure “Protection against brand and product piracy”

Governance and compliance

At Messe Frankfurt India, compliance is part of our code of conduct. We see this as not only complying with legal requirements, contracts and processes, but also undertaking voluntary commitments within our Group. The cornerstones of our Compliance Management activities are the guidelines and best practices defined by Messe Frankfurt itself. Here, the central focus is on our corporate culture, shared values and our management’s commitment.

Policy statement 

Messe Frankfurt’s whistleblower system

If you have any information regarding possible or actual violations of environmental protection or human rights (such as discrimination, violation of the freedom of association, unfair wage practices or failure to provide sufficient employee protection ), we would ask you to share this with us.

You can reach Messe Frankfurt’s Compliance Management team at:

Messe Frankfurt GmbH
Attn.: HS 33 Compliance Management / Confidential
Ludwig-Erhard- Anlage 1
60327 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Phone: +49 69 - 75 75 60 60

You may provide information under your own name or anonymously. However, we would encourage you to communicate with us openly so that we have the option of asking questions and investigating and clarifying the situation you are bringing to our attention.

Everyone involved in processing a report and investigating the situation in question is obliged to treat as confidential the identity of the whistleblower and the persons mentioned in the report.

Anyone who reports possible or actual violations of legal regulations in good faith will receive the express protection of Messe Frankfurt. No one should be disadvantaged in any way as a result of submitting a whistleblower report. This also applies to anyone who assists you with your report or disclosure.